How do you generally price corporate events?

For corporate functions, we have a minimum spend on food and drinks for use of the space. As long as you hit your minimum spend there is no venue fee. If you don’t make the minimum spend with your guest count, say if you were having a small meeting of 40 people, then the venue fee would be the difference of what you don’t spend.

Do I have to have catering?

No, we could do only a venue fee if you do not need any catering and will just need maybe coffee, tea and snacks. Deity does not allow outside catering.

Does Deity Allow Outside Catering?

We do not allow outside catering, we have an Executive Chef on staff to help design your Menu to your tastes or for your cultural specifications

For Film crews will you allow Kraft Services?


Are your menus flexible?

Yes, menus and serving styles are flexible. Please let us know your needs.

Can the venue accommodate separate meeting areas?

Yes, we have a total of 4 floors that could be used. This will be reflected in the price.

What is the best room for my group to have a meeting?

The Loft. This space can be set up with rows of chairs or with tables for presentations.

Can your space accommodate for a cocktail hour after the close of our meeting?

Yes. Deity is a great space to allow everyone to come meet in the Lounge or Cellar for food and drinks after a long day of meetings.

Are conferences allowed at Deity?


Can we do speeches or show a slideshow during our event?

We have wireless microphones and overhead sound system on the Lounge, Loft, and Cellar floors for speeches. As well as projectors and screens for the Lounge, Loft, and Cellar.

Do you have an AV?

We have wireless microphones and overhead sound system on the Lounge, Loft, and Cellar floors for speeches. As well as projectors and screens for the Lounge, Loft, and Cellar.

Do you have wireless microphones?

Yes we have 3 onsite. 1 each for the Lounge, the Loft, and the Cellar.

Do you have a technician or equipment rental service you recommend?

Yes, we recommend Bentley Meeker for sound and lighting for larger conferences. For quick equipment rentals we recommend Sound House.

For film crew and photoshoots can the space for holding equipment, actors, hair and makeup, etc?

Yes, however there is a daily rate based on the number of floors you will need. We typically do not allow the Lounge for holding, but the Loft and Cellar are two open spaces that will work well. The Suite is a perfect option for hair and make-up.

Can we rent out just one floor for a lower rate?

Yes, the more floors you require for your event or space rental, the higher the price. The more floors being used, the more service staff required on our end.

Does Deity offer Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten-free Options?

We offer inherently vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items. Our menus indicate what ingredients are used in each dish.

Hors D’oeuvres Menu

Dinner Menu

Does Deity offer Kosher meals?

We are not a Kosher kitchen, however we can order individual meals from a local Kosher kitchen if they are needed for a select group for an additional charge.

Does Deity provide tables & chairs?

We provide a variety of table and seating combinations as part of your Event package. Deity keeps an in-house stock of:

Chivari ballroom chairs

Bar stools

60 inch round dining tables

30 inch round cocktail tables

6 foot by 30 inch rectangle tables

Does Deity provide their own linens?

We provide Pintuck Ivory Tablecloths or flat black tablecloths with white linen napkins as part of our Event Packages. Custom colors and patterns are available for an additional fee.

What are Deity’s Bar Options?

We Offer both Open Tab (Consumption Bar) & Open Bar, with an option to switch to a Cash bar once Pre-pay Minimums are met. As a client you have the choice of offering Wine, Beer, Well or Premium Brands. 

That said, we do realize some people just don’t want to think about the bar, so we do offer a five-hour well-bar for an additional $35 a person and a premium fixed price bar for five hours for an additional $55 a person.  Lots to think about here, but I’m happy to chat about it with you if you decide to come tour the venue. 

Does Deity allow Outside DJs?

Deity can provide you with an amazing professional DJ as part of your Event package. Outside DJs are not allowed.