Our Story

Brooklyn filming location and NYC photo shoot space at Deity is housed in an art deco, landmark building in Boerum Hill. With our venue’s unique aesthetic, it makes it an easy choice to capture multiple scenes. The multi-level venue allows different looks for your TV filming and fashion shoots in one place.

Bring your scenes to life with an apartment and NYC loft interior or rooftop and pool shots. Club scenes, lounge scenes, restaurant scenes as well as event scenes are possible at Deity. Check out our Photo Gallery to view all of the floors available for your use.

Hourly or day rates are available to fit a wide range of budgets. With access to our venue Floor Plans on our website, see if Deity could fit your filming needs.

The Space

Highest-quality ingredients only

Landmark Location Our NYC landmark film location offers an easily accessible location with easy parking for loading and unloading gear to the shoot location. Our venue has street parking, and five parking garages two blocks from Deity.

Since many floors are available to you our venue is ideal for gear storage. We understand that sound, gear storage, parking, charging stations are all things that location scouts must be thinking about. Because of our weekend events the venue was built with clear sound in mind. We also have plenty of outlets to put together a changing station to charge up your batteries. We hope it’s not a deal breaker, but please note that our venue does not have an elevator.

Brooklyn Apartment & LoftDeity’s top floor features a 1700 square foot apartment for your creative project. This space includes exposed brick, natural light with skylights, and full kitchen. This luxurious apartment space has floor to ceiling velvet curtains, an over-the-top antique bed, and copper soaking tub.

This floor also is good for make-up and hair set-ups with two bathrooms, large table and vanity spaces, as well as multiple mirrors.

The second floor Loft space is an open room with ethereal twinkle light curtains and tons of natural light. Exposed brick and arched windows keep this space light and bright.

NYC RooftopThe top of our space is a sweeping view of Downtown Brooklyn. If that’s not stunning enough, we also have a ten foot by ten foot glass tiled hot tub and pool for your use. Complimented by a covered lounge seating area and landscaping.

Let your imagination run wild with the possible scenarios that could be filmed or photographed on this floor. A sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Deity Lounge & CellarThe main floor of our space is a Gilded Age. This Lounge features custom stained glass artwork with a full bar. Luxurious, velvet banquette seating is under the branches of an indoor tree of life. The Lounge is perfect for Gatsby style looks and scenes.

The Cellar basement is a speak-easy space reached by a dramatic arched stairwell down. There is a spacious open floor as well as lit gold coffered ceilings and a crystal chandelier.

Request a Tour at Deity

The best way to get a feel of what Deity is all about is to see it for yourself! Fill out our Request Form with your information to set up an appointment with a member of our coordination team. We understand that in Holiday Parties and Corporate Events, one size does not fit all. Deity has knowledgeable staff members ready to help.