• Looking inside the Deity Venue as a film location
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  • deity filming details
  • deity filming details
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Filming location in Brooklyn Venue with unique aesthetics makes it an easy choice to shoot multiple scenes. The multi-level Brooklyn venue allows you to capture multiple types of scenes in one place as each floor has a different aesthetic.

Our unique film location offers an easily accessible location from NYC and Brooklyn with easy parking for loading and unloading gear to the shoot location. Since many rooms are available to you our venue is ideal for gear storage.

The venue offers a light controlled cellar and lounge, as well as an open and bright loft. Onsite at our venue is a large suite and rooftop deck with a cityscape backdrop. The venues details makes it stand out like, exposed brick,  secret doorway, spiral staircase and stained glass windows. 

Hourly or day rates are available to fit a wide range of budgets for a venue. Deity also has onsite catering to create meal packages for staff and crew.


Technical Qualities 

We understand that sound, gear storage, parking, charging stations are all things that location scouts must be thinking about, because can throw off the whole filming process. Because of our weekend events the venue was built with clear sound in mind. We also have plenty of outlets to put together a changing station to charge up your  batteries. 


Unique Space

Because of our multi-levels our venue can cater to multiple scenes for your story. Club scenes, lounge scenes, restaurant scenes, event scenes, home interior scenes, or rooftop parties are possible at Deity.

We hope it’s not a deal breaker, but please note that our venue does not have an elevator.


Don’t worry there are no schools, airports, hospitals near by for any out of character sirens, whistles or planes up ahead to throw the sound off!

Our venue has street parking, and five parking garages two blocks from Deity.