Corporate Venue

Corporate events are easier than most Brooklyn venues or NYC venues. All-inclusive packages at our Brooklyn venue are just the tip of the iceberg at Deity. Straightforward pricing can help your business meet your event budget requirements. Our five-story venue also accounts for every size event and every individual event aesthetic.

We do events at Deity by a minimum spend basis, so as long as your event reaches the minimum requirement how we craft your business’s event is up to you. That means no cleaning fees, no service fees, or added hidden costs. We also do a soft close, so your guests are never kicked out. If its a successful event for your business it is for Deity too!

Depending on guest count, day and time of year, our minimum spend will be between $3,000-$12,500 for our venue. How you spend that money is up to your business’s decision makers and your event’s needs. We also have hourly rates starting at $450/hour if catering or a bar is not needed for your type of event.

We have elaborate menus from our onsite Catering to resolve some of the most common issues for events. With a wide variety of food choices and getting to chose multiple options for your event day, every guest is accounted for. The Deity Bar is also flexible to fit within your business’s budget so you can avoid a call from accounting the next day about overages.

While we suggest a flow for the evening below, we can rearrange the organization of the night to fit your business purpose for the event at Deity.

At Deity, guests will enter into the Deity Lounge. The Deity Lounge is equipped with two projectors and screens, places for electronic logo display, and reliable high-speed internet. The Deity Lounge is set and ready for unique meetings, cocktail parties, holiday parties

The Deity Loft is an open space with exposed brick and shining lights ready to put a creative stamp on your event. The Deity Loft is a multipurpose room for presentations, dinners, booths, or auctions. If you have something large to display or installment to interact with at your corporate event we encourage the Deity Loft as the place for it. The Deity Loft has a designated place for a banner to display your companies name and logo as one of the creative perks of the Deity Loft. The Deity Loft is one the largest and most open spaces of the building with natural light filtering in from the windows on all sides of the Deity Loft.

The Deity Cellar is where the Deity DJ or your picked entertainment will close out the night. At Deity our DJ amazing is available for your use at $600 for the evening. While you may bring your own DJ or alternative entertainment we highly encourage you use our fantastic Deity DJ check out our reviews about our DJ, you and your guests will not be disappointed. For a full club atmosphere you can bring in additional lounge furniture to have an exclusive after party at Deity. 

Deity venue Cellar ready for dancing

The Deity Suite is a 1600 square foot modern escape in the middle of NYC. The Deity Suite is an out of the box event space to host your guests and make them feel right at home. The unique event space is for a twist the ordinary think tanks, day aways, small private dinners, or wine and spirit tastings.  


deity venue suite ready for a tasting

NYC rooftops and Brooklyn rooftops are hard to come by. Deity Events has a rooftop, that comes with indoor space, for an over the top event. The rooftop is included in certain Deity packages. Our venue’s rooftop is an affordable way to treat your guests to an exclusive and luxurious NYC event. Finish any night with a spectacular view of Brooklyn on our venue’s rooftop. The Brooklyn rooftop can be used for afterparties, added event feature, or VIP space to impress your guests!